Jan 3, 2010

Rice Recipe I Love

For those who didn`t know, I am hispanic. Actually I am very Latina. My mother is Cuban, Dad is Puerto Rican. I guess that makes me Cubarican. :) Mom can cook like nobody`s business and luckily she passed it on. I am going to share a rice recipe I am craving and you should try!!

Arroz con Tocino
Tocino is the skin and fat of the pig. Sounds gross but if you eat bacon, you are eating just a few inches below it. Please note that the wikipedia information is incomplete. The Filipino Tosino is sweet and has very little skin. It`s closer to maple cured bacon. Panceta is what the Spaniards call it and it was brought with them into the New World. Pancetta is the Italian version. Filipinos, are the only nation in Asia colonized by Spain, therefor they have they own version. However most of Europe and Latin America has their own variation.

          You will need 1/4 lb. to 1/2 lb. of tocino cut into tiny squares
2 cups of long grain rice-rice grows to twice its size so if you are feeding alot of people, get more.
2 tbs Corn Oil
Sea Salt

In a large pot, combine the cut tocino, the oil and salt and fry the tocino until crunchy. Take some out to top the rice later as well as the excess oil. Add your rice to the tocino and fry it up a bit so the grains soak up the flavors. This will also give the rice a nice "pop corn" flavor.

 Add water until it rises about an inch above the rice line. Let simmer at a low medium fire for about 30-45 minutes or until soft. Place a lid on the rice as it simmers. This may speed up the cooking process!
Fluff with a fork so it doesn`t clump up. When serving, add the extra crunchy pieces of tocino, it you haven`t eaten them yet!
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