Nov 16, 2012

30W30 I`m the Boss... Maybe

I really don`t want to stop watercoloring because I can`t find my muse. I think she took a sick day. The way I look at it is, I showed up and did my work the best way I knew how. This is a re-acquainted skill for me so getting used to all it can do may take me more than 30 days.

I am also tossing the list. For the day. Maybe... I may need the structure later.

Don`t get me wrong, I watercolor all the time, and most of that is done digitally.  It is not the same. At all. The paper doesn`t forgive. Paper quality matter. So does pigment quality. Brushes too. There is no undo button. The computer is a tool I use often, but it is just that. A tool to create artwork.

I don't want to stop watercoloring because I am not exactly in love with what I create. It is frustrating because, who doesn't want to put their best work out? With that said, I don`t want what I love to frustrate me. When you love what you do, the world will too. Even when you are doing it for fun. 

And it is indeed fun.

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