Neutrogena #RapidResults Review

Let me begin by saying that, as per FCC regulations, I must disclose I received these products for free. I don`t feel it has given me a bias. I don`t usually post unflattering pics of myself. I must make an exception for this review.

If you know me well, you know I have super sensitive skin. I breakout in hives more often than I care to admit. I buy specialized, uncolored, unscented soaps for my face. The gentler, the better. When I received Neutrogena Rapid Results Wrinkle Repair, I was going through a very stressful time. The stress had taken a very physical toll on me.

The "Before"
And it was starting to show on my face. Late nights, crying and not the most ideal diets had my skin showing real signs of aging. Specially around the eyes. Despite filtering the picture above, you can still see spots and lots of fine wrinkles around my eyes.

In this picture, I am wearing Maybelline BB Cream, Chanel Les Beiges No. 40, lipgloss and mascara. This picture has not been filtered or retouched..

No makeup and no filter. I wear even less makeup than before.

Some Q`s I was asked...

Was it hard to follow? No. I am super lazy and to be honest hate touching my face. This was easy.
Any side effects? Yes. Besides baby smooth skin and less noticeable wrinkles, there was the tingling mentioned in the package. Too much would give me a red patch on my skin. I used less and it went away.
How old are you? Wouldn`t someone older benefit from this? First off, I was born in the late 70`s. Do the math. Second, when is it too early or too late to start thinking about caring for your skin? It is never too early. Our youth obsessed culture tells me so.
Would you buy it and continue using it? In 1999 when I was in my early 20s, I foolishly bought a book called "Lose 10 Years in 10 Weeks". Apparently I wanted to look 13. The book recommended using Neutrogena Night Time Wrinkle Cream with Retinol. I have been using it on and off in the past 15 years with great results. Not only would I buy it again, I recommend it. It is one of the best creams I have ever used.

Hope you enjoyed my review and give Neutrogena #rapid results a try!

The Russian Obsession- Emmys Fashion Gouache Illustration

 I have been exploring different mediums, and as much as I love anything French, I am loving my Russian art supplies. Specially the gouaches!

I recently purchased a master collection of Russian gouaches and I really love the results I got on my painting. The consistency is rich and thick, which allowed me to create texture on my piece. They even have metallic gouache paint set!!

The opacity was superb and I could even rework the paint later with water. Some gouaches have an acrylic base and cannot be kept in a palette for future painting projects.

Just for fun, I created a little movie painting with them. Enjoy!

My Russian Period- Watercolor Fashion Illustrations

 After the dark ages, a new Renaissance period emerged filled with beautiful artwork. After living through the cruelest summer of my life (insert over-dramatic gesture here), I am getting a chance to create beautiful artwork.

And ever since I discovered Russian watercolors, I think I am in love! I even got Russian Kolinsky sable round brushes to keep it as authentic as possible.

The colors are beautiful and they even have a metallic color line that is professional grade. I no longer mix acrylic or gouache to give my watercolor metallic shine. The sable grabs the pigment and makes a beautiful dreamy strokes. I reviewed the watercolors in the video below.

Just a heads up, if you plan to but Kolinsky brushes, new regulations have made them almost impossible to get and their prices are inflated. Specially the ones that come straight from Russia.  You may be able to still find them on ebay.


Nevskaya Palitra has beautiful metallics.

Yarkas leave the vibrant, glossy color.

Fun Project-DYI Custom Color Chalk Board Paint

 I am loving these custom chalk board colors! I know many wonderful tutorials are out there, but I thought I share what I did for a friend of mine.

You will need:
white un-sanded grout 
The acrylic paint of your choice 
Matte medium for acrylic paint 
Acrylic paint 
Drying retardant 
Jar with lid 8oz 
Large wood "Popsicle" stick for mixing 
Sponge brush 
•In the 8oz jar, Mix the paint with a few drops of the retardant, matte medium and a about two tablespoons of the un-sanded grout. 
•Use the large wooden stick to mix thoroughly. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. The mixture will be thick.
•Use the sponge brush to smooth the mixture onto the surface. Use the brush to mix any remaining grout lumps. Let surface dry for about two hours. 
•Use a white chalk to write or 'cure' the surface, and erase with a dry sponge.