#FashionMeetsCake #CakeCoutureSeries Limited Print Posters

The Caketress and I have created a special line of cake confections that are calorie free and couture sweet! These prints are unframed print in two sizes- 8x10 or 11x14. These are limited edition prints. Only 150 will be printed, 75 per size. Come and get yours at http://elainebiss.com/prints/.

Printed on thick (19-mil) luxurious style heavy weight (310g), natural-white, matte finish with a textured watercolor feel paper. They have a matte surface with elegant texture. All glitter and metallic textures are printed.

Your Glitter Guide and Glitter Mix #howto

I have been working very hard trying to create a cool guide to glitter. But there are so many shiny things out there, I wasted more time regrouping myself than doing.

 I also wanted to share my "Special", never seen before **TOP SECRET** glitter mix! Now it`s in your hands! And of you are not careful it will be all over your stuff!!

This glitter has this beautiful other world-y shine and texture. It is very luxurious for that "I blew my monthly 'art-and-crafts' budget in one project" look. Because, sometimes glitter makes you do that. :D Enjoy!

Saks x Elaine Biss

And I x Saks! It`s so neat to see your work next to big brands!

Every day I draw. I draw my heart out. It is what I love. It is my passion. When I see this, it makes my work worth while. Thank you Saks! Today I am the happiest girl in the world!

30 Watercolors in 30 Days

This is my 3rd annual 30 Watercolors/Drawings in 30 Days! I just love doing this. I take a 30 day sabbatical just to paint what I feel like. But there are some rules!

Here is the rules I posted back in 2012. Sometimes what happens is that the more freedom you have, the less you know what to do. Adding limitations to what you are creating can give birth to some wonderful artwork.

Here is this year`s rules!
  1. Any subject is okay.
  2. Make the drawings big enough to express your idea, but small enough to scan.
  3. Make your drawings meaningful to you. When blogging explain what it means briefly.
  4. Be original, not commercial. If you are lucky enough to end up with a collection, kudos to you. The idea is that there is 'no pressure' and you can draw as you wish and not as 'everyone' demands.
  5. Follow a constrains guideline or make up your own
  6. You can create as many pieces as you want, if you want.
  7. Drawings should be done quickly. The idea is that if this becomes a habit, it`s not a time consuming one. No less that a few minutes if you are that quick or a couple of hours if you are not.
  8. Once you are done, share it with the world. Blog about it. 
  9. You can blog once daily or a couple of drawings at the time.
  10. You can mix and match the constrains or make up your own.
I will follow these guidelines:
  1. Have a few pieces where the line work simple. Nothing scribbled or too many brush strokes
  2. Have a few pieces where the line work is messy, scribbled and strokey (the opposite of above)
  3. Keep the color palette simple- No more than 2 colors!
  4. Use all the colors!
  5. Gouache is okay
  6. Colored paper is okay
  7. Water soluble graphite is okay
  8. Pick a medium(s) and stick with it for the 30 days.
Are you doing this too?? I would love to see it!!

Smashing Party at Bloomingdale's!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Bloomingdale`s in Roosevelt Fields Mall in Mineola NY. I met so many wonderful people and got a first hand view of who my audience is. I love working as an event illustrator!

These events allow you to get instant feedback on your work. Because I work in my studio, all day long by my lonesome, it was super nice to receive feedback. Here are some pictures that did not make it to my YouTube video!

The girl at the far right was in Spiderman! The first one with Toby Maguire.

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