Michele Rene` Designs Fashion Show at the Iron Bar in NYC

Living her dreams Michelle Rene` breaks out of Lancaster Country and into the big city with this fabulous show, showcasing her Spring 2014 line.

The show was set at the Iron Bar, a midtown gem perfect for Michelle Rene`s edgy and creative style.
The runway show was a combination of the spring 2014 collection (the cottons) formal and cocktail gowns, 2 reveal wedding gowns, custom designed pink wedding gown and a tulle dress for little girls.

Designer- Michelle Rene` Designs 
Hair Design Institute /HDI Manhattan
Makeup- New York Institute of Beauty 

Serena Myers
Emily Christina
Danielle Hartman
Rolanda Footman
Grace Forster
Catherine Manett
Paulina Bracone
Carrie Lane Pearlm
Missy Reder
Fallons O'Brien

Assistant Louise Myers 

Jewelry- Veleska Jewelry 
Photographer- Darque Room 
Event by  Bridget O'Brien PR and Events 

Romantic Paris Magazine Feature!

Come and get the premier issue of Romantic Paris Magazine. There is an interview of yours truly and illustrations of the editor and one of the writers! So visit www.romanticparismagazine.com and get your digital copy!

Hello Gouache! Feminine Fashion illustration

I recently got reacquainted with an old friend. Met in high school, lost touch. You know how it goes. But I never forgot! 
Gouache is what we used to use when we made a huge mistake with watercolor. Never explored it further than that. Now, it has become my new favorite, along with color paper.
Trying something new can be scary but very rewarding it you get the right results.
I have 1k pictures in my iPad and most are little paintings and the latest ones in gouache. The medium is worth the investment and if you know how to buy them you won't break the bank. The paper was also fun to explore. I recommend Fabriano Italian watercolor paper!

First Friday Fashion Show Benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

This post has been a-long time coming! As many of you know I have been helping a local designer to design and create her line. Michelle Rene' is amazing!  Though our season is over, I thought I`d share the event with you.

This is the event where I walked a runway with the skirt I had designed. You know! This one!!

My walk. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. When you are in Instagram, you can frame yourself so you "look" the way you want others to see you.

Despite my best efforts to remain healthy, I wasn`t in the shape I wanted to be in for this event. Nonetheless, I had to get real brave, not even entertain 'what others may be thinking' and hit the runway.

This isn`t about vanity. but about my desire to be healthy. I am not a model. I am a mom of 5 kids just trying her best at being healthy. But if I were to live my life only when I am healthy or have the perfect body or weight, I would never live life.

Final Group Pic
Xoxo, Elaine Biss

Fashion Illustration-Zuhair Murad X Vionnet X Christian Dior X Ulyana Sergeenko

Finally, the weather has changed, the clouds have parted and the sun shines in. Pennsylvania had a pretty horrific winter and I am looking forward to warm weather. There are lots events planned and I can`t wait to participate.

Talking about events, I will be participating on First Friday Downtown Fashion Show! Woot! This Friday at Isaac`s in Downtown Lancaster!

I have also neglected my blog and for that, I apologize. I really have no excuse. Other than I have been drawing. A lot. Also working. A lot. Also eating cupcakes. I think I may be addicted. :D Sugar!!!

But nothing brings me more joy than drawing. I have been researching couture fashions at www.style.com and drawing pieces that inspire me. Zahir Murad, Vionnet and Ulyana Sergeenko have caught my eye. Christian Dior is always a good good choice.