A Week Worth of Wisdom-Feminine Fashion Illustrations

This week I shed on my feed some of the best quotes I have found of the web, along with some of my images. It was a lot of fun. I have been so busy helping Michelle Rene with her fashion shows, I let go of a lot my own things.

One thing I will not let go is my fashion illustration work. I try to draw at least once a day, either on my ipad or on paper. If you want to see my latest feminine illustrations, you can visit my Instagram at http://instagram.com/elainebinc# .

If you are wondering what software I am using to sketch on the ipad, I have been using Adobe Ideas. It is pretty cool. Believe it or not some of these have been created on my iPhone. Hope you enjoy this week's wisdom and illustrations!

Wounded Warrior Fashion Show

So after getting a taste for the front row in a fashion show, I was lucky enough to be part of it on the back end. From fitting the models to selecting the order of the walk, it was 4 hours of preparation, to 5 minutes of sheer stress to the 15 second walk of ecstasy for Michelle Rene.

The best part about it is that, this was a charity event. This event brought about 8k last year for our wounded vets here in Pennsylvania. This year they raised over $25k. This cause near and dear to my heart, as both my husband`s father and grandfather were wounded veterans.

Here are some pictures of the show!!

Backstage photos Videos
Band Practicing Leah Burkey Cutest model! Final ecstasy walk On the news re-cap

In the Flesh: MIxing a Good Skin Tone with Watercolors.

If you are into painting as much as me, this tutorial will give you an idea on how to create a good skin tone color with watercolors. Included is a 15 second video to help you along.
1. Dip your brush in yellow and red and mix the two.
2. Now add a bit of Ultramarine blue. just a tiny bit!!
3. As you mix it you will see the mixture turn a little brown, the way darker skin tones may look
4. To make the color mixture favor lighter skin tones, add a bit of yellow. For darker skin tones, add red and blue.
5. When painting, add water to give the color mixture a lighter tone.

Pink and Black Feminine Illustration

Today, I had a really odd dream. I dreamed I was living in the 1920s and an artist was showing me the works he had in a museum. I don`t remember the whole... but he said something that stuck with me when I woke up. "To draw, is to bend a line to your will."
I love those dreams! Yes. To draw you bend a line to your will. How amazing is that.

P.S. I was watching a funny gamer on youtube, hence the crazy banter in the background.:D