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Any information collected on this blog is never sold, propagated or granted access to, in any way to any individual or company, private or public.


All material by Elaine Biss is copyrighted, with all rights reserved. Please read carefully.

You may repost any original artwork created by Elaine Biss, her Instagram account, Facebook, Twitter, Blog or any social media without consent of the blog owner. However, an attribution link back to Elaine Biss blog, (www.elainebiss.blogspot.com) must appear with the repost, along with a line crediting Elaine Biss as the author of the content.

Please do not remove watermarks, or crop watermarks out, edit images with a photo editing program such as Photoshop or create a collage or derivative piece with Elaine Biss` images.

Third Party Content

On occasion, this blog will post images not owned by Elaine Biss under the Fair Use. This clause allows bloggers to post a picture for different purposes. These purposes are editorial, educational, research, archival and news reporting. Please read more about it here. If you feel there is an image here in violation, please contact the blog owner and she will remove it.

Sponsored/Affiliate Posts

All sponsored/affiliate post will be disclosed at the end of the post and after the affiliate link within the content of the post. Please the author for more information.

The author of this blog does not get paid to blog about products or services. But, in the event that  payment or trade is received in exchange for a post, it will be mentioned on the post. The author only blogs about services/products has tried or owned herself. If you are interested in having the author blog about your product or services, please contact the author.


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Tracking Cookies

This blog uses cookies to store information about visitors, their preferences, log user-specific data on which pages the user views, adjust Web page data based on user`s operating system and browser or other data that the user sends via their operating system and browser. This log is maintained for statistical purposes on visitor data.

This data includes IP address, browser type, operating system, location, downloaded files or images, entry and exit pages. This data is collected to measure trends and readership without it being linked to any personal data.

Instagram Filtered Image Policy
All images bearing Instagram filters, shall not be licensed by anyone. These and all images are the intellectual property of Elaine Biss. Individuals or companies found with such images are subject to copyright infringement and liable for damages and legal fees. Please inquire about the availability of such pictures.

Comment Policy

You, the commenter, own the copyright to the comments you post here.

If a comment falls in the realm of offensive, abusive or hateful to anyone`s race, orientation or religious belief, it will not be published.


Elaine Biss Blog contains intellectual property owned by Elaine Biss, including trademarks, copyrights, proprietary information, articles and other intellectual property.

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We reserve the right to immediately remove your account and access to Elaine Biss Blog, including any products, services or advice offered through the site, without refund, if you are caught violating this intellectual property policy.


The owner of Elaine Biss blog and its authors will not be liable for any errors or omissions in article information nor for the availability of this information. The owner of Elaine Biss blog and its authors will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. Take all advise at your own risk.

Further Explanation of Copyright Terms of Content on Elaine Biss Blog

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this blog under the following conditions in tandem:

  • Attribution. You must attribute the article that you’ve used adding a line of credit, where it can be seen, linking back to the specific article page. The credit link used should point to the article page and not just elainebiss.blogspot.com’s homepage.
  • Content Usage Limit. You are not allowed to repost an ANY blog post or article in its entirety on your blog or site unless attribution and backlinking is made.
  • Personal/Commercial Usage. You may not use the content on Elaine Biss` blog, be it images or articles for any commercial/personal purpose. Permission must be given prior to any publication. The images and content on Elaine Biss Blog cannot be bundled and sold, nor it cannot be used in its entirety as a free gift or bonus for a product intended for commercial or personal use.
  • Print Media. Under NO circumstances is this work to be used on printed media of any kind, including but not limited to, magazines, newspapers, books, apparel, decor, wall art, jewelry, video, collage, print on demand site etc., for commercial product or for personal use. You must receive the expressed written consent and proper licensing fees paid to Elaine Biss. If you would like to use any of the work here, please email the blog author.
  • Downloads & Freebies. Under no circumstances are to be redistributed, sold or given away. Terms are provided per post. Linking to the download is allowed. Please note that the downloads and freebies are nothing more than PRIVATELY OWNED publications and artwork part of Elaine Biss` Private Collection and not Elaine Biss` original artwork. Under no circumstances is the artwork of Elaine Biss free or without copyright.
If you want to syndicate or distribute any article here on your website you must get written permission to do so. Please contact the blog owner for permission. Permission must be granted, in writing, for syndication or distribution of any article.